Comfort services and options are available nationwide for all makes and models of motorcycles. We specialize in reshaping your seat to suit your individual needs, whatever those may be. A custom seat fitting means a more comfortable and safer ride. Everyone could use this service, which is typically done with you and your bike in our shop for personal adjustments. However, our decades of experience also enable us to solve any fitting issues for out-of-state customers as well. For example, we can lower the ride height by narrowing the seat so riders can touch the ground easier. We can solve tailbone or butt bone hotspots. We can adjust the seat for long legs or short legs, allowing riders to reach the controls more comfortably.

After the perfect shape has been sculpted, your comfort can be maximized with an industry leading gel pad installation. Whether you are a commuter or an endurance rider, gel pads provide an additional layer of cushion to minimize vibrations, reduce shock, and evenly distribute weight. Our soft sheepskin covers are recommended in any season – you'll have a cooler seat on hot days, a warmer seat on cold days, and a comfortable seat every day. And if you're looking to extend the riding season, try our heated seat elements that can be installed in your existing seat.

Seat Fitting

First the bike is placed in a rack to simulate a natural riding position. Through observation and feedback from the rider and or passenger, our seat technicians can evaluate your individual needs. With the seat stripped naked, we make marks on the foam to indicate where adjustments should be made. We also check for the proper position of handlebars and foot controls, making adjustments for a more confident and safer rider.

Our most popular service consists of reshaping seats, making it easier to touch the ground and navigate at low speeds. Many people have specific comfort issues related to medical conditions or just their general body shape. No matter what the situation, a seat can always be sculpted to provide a more comfortable and ergonomic fit. You can complement this service with a gel pad installation.

All this is done while you wait. Call 303-238-5404 for an appointment.

Bitchn Backrest

For years, Bitchn Stitchn, Inc. has covered your ass and now we've got your back. Introducing the Bitchn Backrest - the best of its kind. These backrests come in four innovative shapes that have been ergonomically designed to offer a marriage of style and comfort. Made right here in Denver , they feature laser cut metal parts, a black zinc coating and a boot stitched leather pad. The backrest pad can also be personalized with a custom cover if desired.

There are two available kinds:

FL Bagger - This backrest is a do-it-yourself kit that can be installed in minutes. It fits any FLH model from 1997 to present (except for the stock standard Road King where a separate seat purchase is required). This proprietary bracket design fits neatly beneath the stock seat and attaches to factory installed hardware. It has a wide range of adjustability options to suit any rider where the factory backrests fall short. The Bitchn Backrest looks cool on both stock and custom bikes. It looks great stand-alone, even without tourpacks or passenger back rests. A small compact design makes it possible to store it easily in your bags.

Original Bitchn Backrest – To ensure proper fit, this backrest should be installed in our shop. It's designed to be inserted into most stock or after market tandem seating, so this means it will fit virtually any motorcycle. Call 303-238-5404 for an appointment.

Heated Seats

Cold weather riding can be enjoyable with heated seats. A seat heater quickly provides comforting warmth to the rider through the seat's cushion. They can be installed in most motorcycles on the road today. The bike's seat cover is easily removed and the heating element adhered to the seat base foam. The seat cover is then reinstalled according to original factory design. The seat heater does not change the look of the seat, but it does enhance the rider's comfort. Each seat heater system draws less than 2 amps and is individually fused and safely wired into the bike's electrical system. The thin peel and stick seat heater elements fit under the seat cover without detection and all wiring and hardware is installed out of sight. On FLH models, no additional wiring is necessary as it plugs directly into the factory harness.

Everything you need for installation including parts, hardware, and instructions are together in each standard or luxury kit. The standard kit provides reliable warming heat. The luxury kit gives you more comfort options with a dual temperature heater kit. The key component in this kit is a waterproof digital temperature controller that provides more consistent and controlled heating. The system features two tightly regulated temperature levels, high and low, for rider comfort.

These seat heaters are the same OEM quality product found in H-D seats. The heating elements and other assemblies are designed for motorcycle applications with full protection from wear and weather. Each seat heater is made in the USA and comes with a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty.

Gel Installation

For those who have a great shaped seat that still lacks comfort, gel pads can be the answer. With medically proven technology, gel pads are the key to comfortable endurance riding. You can feel the difference with a half-inch thick Pro-Pad polymer gel pad that is bored into your seat without raising the height of your seat. The pads are designed for rigorous use, won't leak when punctured, and are made in the USA . They can be installed in any seat on any motorcycle. Gel pads can also be purchased separately.

Sheepskin Covers

Sheepskin covers are an easy and affordable way to add comfort. No matter what the season, they provide warmth on cool days and actually cool your seat on hot days. They strap on for easy removal and safe storage while your bike is unattended. Made right here in Denver , they are available in many sizes and colors.