Bitchn SEATS

Bitchn Stitchn, Inc. is known for its hand crafted fine motorcycle seats. The following picture gallery is a testament of our skills and serves as a tool for you to decide what kind of seat is right for you. Bitchn Stitchn, Inc. has earned a reputation for making unique high quality seats starting with hand made steel seat pans. Each seat has contoured fitted foam, Velcro attachment, and a stash pouch underneath the seat. We can also create a custom look with your stock seat pan or customer supplied seat pan.

We work with marine grade vinyls available in almost any color, Napa Valley leather, and other unique high quality skins. We offer a large selection of hand picked exotic skins from around the world.

Seat covers can include sewn designs, tooled designs, or our unique creation of using copper repousse'. Saddle stitching, boot stitching, hand lacing, rivets, studs, fringe and conchos are some of the applications you can choose from to further customize your seat. Once finished, our custom seats are branded with the famous Bitchn Stitchn, Inc. skull logo.

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