Heated Seats

Cold weather riding can be enjoyable with heated seats. A seat heater quickly provides comforting warmth to the rider through the seat's cushion. They can be installed in most motorcycles on the road today. The bike's seat cover is easily removed and the heating element adhered to the seat base foam. The seat cover is then reinstalled according to original factory design. The seat heater does not change the look of the seat, but it does enhance the rider's comfort. Each seat heater system draws less than 2 amps and is individually fused and safely wired into the bike's electrical system. The thin peel and stick seat heater elements fit under the seat cover without detection and all wiring and hardware is installed out of sight. On FLH models, no additional wiring is necessary as it plugs directly into the factory harness.

Everything you need for installation including parts, hardware, and instructions are together in each standard or luxury kit. The standard kit provides reliable warming heat. The luxury kit gives you more comfort options with a dual temperature heater kit. The key component in this kit is a waterproof digital temperature controller that provides more consistent and controlled heating. The system features two tightly regulated temperature levels, high and low, for rider comfort.

These seat heaters are the same OEM quality product found in H-D seats. The heating elements and other assemblies are designed for motorcycle applications with full protection from wear and weather. Each seat heater is Made in the USA and comes with a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty.